Do you need help because you have a problem with an office or a state institution, do you feel discriminated, experience ill-treatment of a person restricted in their freedom (either if this is happening to you personally or if you wish to draw our attention to such behaviour), or are you concerned about the rights of people with disabilities? In that case, you can file a complaint to the Ombudsman via this page. Two options are available: initiate proceedings "anonymously" or by authentication via the Czech National Identity Authority (NIA).

Anonymous: submitting a complaint anonymously means filling in the online form yourself. Personal and contact details will not be verified in any way. After submitting the form, the complaint will be registered and you will receive a reply as soon as possible. However, carefully check the information you provide about yourself in the form. For example, if there is an error in submitted contact details, you may not receive a reply.

NIA: (Login via NIA) Holders of qualified electronic identification devices can submit a complaint in this way. You can log in using an eID, a bank identity or, for example, another European electronic identification card. When submitting a complaint to the Ombudsman using Identity of the Citizen, you will be redirected to the identification gateway. The system will then automatically fill in all your identification and contact details in the ombudsman complaint form, so you can just describe the problem you want the ombudsman to help you with. You can check the status of your complaint, add to it, etc. by logging in to the ombudsman complaint system on this page.

I'm a kid: The simplified form is for children and teenagers only - persons under the age of twenty. Please do not use it if you do not meet this condition, even if your complaint involves children.